CYS Coaches Manual 

CYS Coaches Manual
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The objective of the CYS Coaches Manual is to provide In-Town and BAYS coaches with helpful information on coaching soccer at the youth level. The materials are geared towards both novice and intermediate coaches and contains information on various topics including the following:

• CYS Mission and Coaching Philosophy

• Basic Coaching Methodology

• Age Appropriate Training Priorities (U8 - U14)

• Player Development Curriculum

• Sample Practice Lesson Plans (U8 - U14)

• Team Management

• Injuries, Safety and Other Relevant Topics

Section 1 contains the main Coaching Materials, including the Coaching Methodology and Age Appropriate Training Priorities and it is recommended that all coaches review this section. Sections 2-5 contain additional information that may be helpful reference materials for coaches.

Much of the information contained in this binder was compiled from various leading authorities on coaching youth soccer including USSF, US Youth Soccer and Mass Youth Soccer.

If you have any questions regarding the contents of this coaching binder, please contact Roni Mansur at

Table of Contents

CYS Mission and Coaching Philosophy

Section 1: Coaching Materials
1.1 Basic Soccer Coaching Methodology
1.2 Key Training Priorities (U8 - U14)
1.3 Age Appropriate Expectations and Training priorities (U8 - U14)
1.4 List of Coaching Resources

Optional Materials:

Section 2: Mass Youth Soccer Statewide Curriculum U6-U12

Section 3: Mass Youth Soccer Sample Practice Sessions U8-U12

Section 4: Team Management Materials
4.1 Team Management Roles and Responsibilities
4.2 Sample Parent Meeting Agendas (U8 - U12)
4.3 Team Rules (Sample - U12 Girls)
4.4 Soccer Snack Guidelines

Section 5: Other Information
5.1 For Coaches and Parents: Soccer Dos and Don'ts
5.2 Maintaining Team Discipline
5.3 Tips for Integrating Novice Players
5.4 Proper Warm-up and Stretching
5.5 Soccer Injuries: Prevention & Care


CYS Coaching Philosophy
CYS Mission and Coaching Philosophy
CYS Coaching Guidelines
Mass Youth Soccer Coaching Guidelines
Zero Tolerance Policy
Coaches Code of Conduct

Coaching Resources / Education
CYS Coaches Manual
Lesson Plans for Soccer Practices
Useful Youth Soccer Coaching Websites
Coaching License Courses

Coach Administration Checklist
Scheduling Practice Fields
BAYS Make-up Game Procedure
BAYS Placement Field Evaluations

Safety, Injuries and Emergencies
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
CYS Coaches Survey Results
Referee's Pointers for BAYS Coaches
Coach Application Form (Acrobat PDF)

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